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I work at Gabriel Horn Capital.

We are a boutique placement advisory firm. We are dedicated to raising capital for private equity funds, venture capital funds and independent sponsors.

We specialize in funds seeking to raise $50 - $750 million and

independent sponsors seeking to raise $10 - $50 million.

Venture Capital


I was a part of Venture University Cohort 3 & 4. VU is a multi-stage investment fund and a trade school for venture capital, private equity, and angel investing. VU is designed as an Investor Accelerator and includes a VC/PE Investment Apprenticeship and Academic Program.


VU accepts <2% of the applications it receives, making it more competitive to get into than the top Ivy League schools and MBA programs.

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Meet with Pete

I connect top-tier general partners with private investors.


I also connect startups with venture capital general partners.