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I connect top-performing Venture Capital, Private Equity and Alternative Asset partners with Family Offices and institutional investors.

I also am an adjunct professor of economics and business strategy at the Saint Xavier University's Graham School of Management in Chicago.

I write about VC, PE, economics and more.

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We've connected $12.7 billion in family office, foundation and institutional capital to over 200 PE and VC funds in the last 10 years.


I would love to hear how we can help your fund, family office or institution.

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Private Equity Venture Capital

I introduce private equity and venture capital funds to institutional capital. 

I also help early-stage startups that are seeking Series A and Series B venture capital funding.


About Pete

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I help family offices and institutional investors discover and invest with Private Equity and Venture Capital general partners that are consistently in the top-quartile and early-stage startup founders that are dedicated to building the next unicorns.

I'm also proud to be an adjunct professor of economics and business strategy at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. SXU was founded in 1846 and is ranked in the Top 5% of business schools across the world with its AACSB accreditation.


I believe Generation Z is our next greatest generation and I enjoy teaching them the principles of economics and sharing what I've learned in the U.S. wealth management, private equity and venture capital industry over the last 25 years.

On this webpage, I primarily write about institutional capital raising for Private Equity and Venture Capital funds while I also enjoy sharing my thoughts on blockchain, NFTs, FinTech and more.

Thank you for visiting. I hope it's helpful.

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Pete Arethas

Private Equity. Venture Capital.


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Economics & Business Strategy

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